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The Gathering and two parts Hive , Neuroshima Hex is a two-player war game set in a post-apocalyptic world of radiation, robotic mercenaries, and ungodly mutations. The game plays a bit like a classic trading game. You're pulling tiles from a set deck of 34 mercenaries, modulating your tactics for upcoming tiles, and trying to reduce your opponent's lifepoints. But the real strategy comes down to where and how you orient your mercenary tiles.

The winner will have invariably better mastered the tricky geography of the hexagonal board. Fair warning, the light 'tutorial' barely readies you for the intensity of the game. Do yourself a favor and read up on a PDF of the rules. Built by the same developers as Agricola , Lords of Waterdeep is also a fantastic worker placement game.

Place your shadowy agents on various buildings around your port city home of Waterdeep, send heroes off on fantastic quests collecting a cut of their spoils, of course , and vie for the city's prestige and power. One word of warning: Even on the lowest difficulty, you need a deft understanding of the game's various strategies to contend. Start with humans. Weak, beatable humans. You control a crack team of CDC officers, zipping around the world to stem the outbreak of four deadly diseases and cure them entirely, you hope.

The four players win or lose as a team, either saving the world or coming up just short. Although this surprisingly beautiful app is a faithful and artful port of probably the most popular cooperative board game ever made, there is one downside. With no in-app AI, you either play Pandemic solo or as a pass-and-play with up to three friends.

Don't get us wrong, the app is certainly worth it for the solo adventure. But we're asking ourselves why you'd want to spend an hour passing a tiny screen when you could just break out the real game. Here's a curious game of crazed castle construction, where players take turns erecting fortifications for a mad king, one room at a time. Deeply strategic, your success in the game depends on how well you balance your choices when drafting the optimal size, type, and location of each new castle room to fit the kings ever-changing whims. We admit, the learning curve for this game is pretty steep.

Before you begin constructing, the game advises you through 9 lengthy training levels. But the payoff is worth it. Soon you will be building hideous masterpieces straight of an architecture professor's worst nightmare. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Hiding in Hubble Data: A New Moon for Neptune. The Best Toys of Toy Fair Michael Stillwell. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Tsuro — The Game of the Path. Thunderbox Entertainment Inc. Asmodee Digital. Colt Express. Ticket To Ride Pocket. Exploding Kittens. Galaxy Trucker Pocket.

There are different career path available, and you have to select one of them to start your journey to make money to buy houses and start a family. It has four different modes such as Single-player, New Fast-play, and more. The game becomes challenging to play, as you advanced. Score the highest points by completing various tasks and use them to unlock further items.

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The Game of Life has immersive gameplay, smooth controls, and addictive soundtracks. Select a Platform. The game takes place the world map and lets you select your nation, place your armies, attack on other players and dominate the world. It drops you at the center…. Video Website. Games Like Twilight Struggle. Win Amazon. It offers classic board gameplay for two to five players and available to play on Windows platform only. The game includes fourteen different races and lets the player select one of them. Recommend 1. Games Like Terra Mystica.

Android iOS Amazon. It is available to play on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

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The game offers an exciting gameplay with dice rules and lets you to battle for who first reach to hundred steps. Games Like Snakes and Ladders King. The game offers classic board gameplay and lets you select your powerful Mage Knights from one of four and explore the universe of the game under the control of the Atlantean….

Multiplayer Single-Player Turn Based. The game takes place in England during the industrial revolution and available to play on Android and iOS. In the game, you must build your economy engine, create rail lines, and build industries.

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The gameplay comprises…. Gameplay revolves around four diseases which spread in the world. It includes five playable characters such as medic, operation expert, researcher, scientist, and dispatcher, and lets you select your role and dive into the game…. Games Like Pandemic: The Board Game. The game is available to play on cross-platforms developed Days of Wonder. It takes place on the world map and puts you on an epic adventure where you must score points as you can for claiming routes on….

Games Like Ticket to Ride. Android iOS Win Amazon. The game offers exciting gameplay, in which you must collect resources and trade with others to score points. Buy properties, resources, items and more thing and sell them to other players to…. Games Like Monopoly. The game allows the player to create his own city, build the longest roads and create armies to defend his city. The player can trade with others and can claim the city with its resources.

He can challenge other…. The game lets you assume the role of a ruler and your main goal is to dominate the world. The game is available to on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. In the…. It has both Single and Multiplayer modes. The game lets you challenge other players around the world in a board game and defeat them to show your strategies. There are tons of…. Games Like Krosmaster Arena. The game includes over fourteen characters from the mighty sorceress to the powerful heroes.

Select your character and jump into the game world where you must go on adventure to battle against…. Games Like Talisman: Digital Edition. The game takes place in the mansion and casts you in the role of the protagonist who is a detective. According to the story, a man killed in a mansion…. Android Online Amazon. The game combines the elements of strategy and tactics.

Each player in the game controls forty different pieces offers individuals officer rank in the army.

The ultimate objective is to locate and capture the…. Board Multiplayer Quest Single-Player. Games Like Stratego. The game includes up to two-hundred maps with playing bots, tournaments, and numerous options. It takes place in the realistic world full of thousands of players like you around the world. Your ultimate task is…. My kids just loved it and my husband and I did as well. Love that when you get married, you can choose either sex to marry. Way to be open minded, Hasbro!

The videos are great and everyone loved getting new "peg-sessories" for their players. A few requests: With kids, one would often touch the iPad when it wasn't their turn.

1. Twilight Struggle

There is no turning back. Also, a pause the game button would be great.

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Then you could resume at a later time. It can be a long game and no easy way to pause it. Wish we could use "view on you Apple TV" as well to see the game on the big screen. Other than that, this is a great way to play a classic family game! We look forward to getting some other ZAPPed games! I have three of Hasbro's zapped apps Life, Monopoly and battleship as well.

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You would think that with a company like Hasbro the apps would work.. Common Hasbro your a game company. This app worked for one game after that it was all downhill. Never worked again. I called Hasbro they told me a month and a half ago they were working on it, it would be soon OK Hasbro it about that time of the year the time when we want game for our families under the tree and with all our game on our tablets and on our computer it's not looking good for you.