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Once the three steps are completed, Redsn0w will inform you that the jailbreak was successfully installed. But please wait, leave your device alone.

Your iPod touch will reboot on its own. After it has rebooted, wait for it respring again. Hope this helped. If you want to show your appreciation for iOS 5. Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. Here are some important points to note before you proceed. This guide is meant for iPod touch users. Redsn0w 0. Please ensure your iPod touch is on iOS 5. Please do not forget to backup your iPod touch before you proceed. Please ensure you are running latest version of iTunes. You can follow these step-by-step instructions to jailbreak your iPod touch: Disable your passcode.

The passcode can interfere with the jailbreak process. Download Pangu. This is the jailbreak software that you can use to jailbreak iOS 7. Only download Pangu from http: Connect your iPod to your computer. Close iTunes if it opens, and make sure no apps are running. Follow the instructions in the Pangu program. You will be asked to set your iPod's date to June 2nd. Tap the new Pangu app on your Home screen. Your iPad will reboot several times. After it is done rebooting, you will see the Cydia app on your Home screen. Method 3. Close iTunes after updating it.

Download evasi0n7. This is the jailbreak software that allows you to jailbreak iOS 7. Make sure to download the software from evasi0n. Start the jailbreak. Ensure that your iPod is showing up in the evasi0n window, and then click Jailbreak. Wait for the jailbreak to complete.

Most of the process is automated. Follow any prompts that appear in the evasi0n7 window. Once the jailbreak is complete, launch the Cydia app on your Home screen to finish setting up the new file system. Your iPod will restart. Open Cydia one more time. After resetting, open Cydia one last time to finish the setup process. Once the "Reloading Data" box appears and then disappears, you're good to go.

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Method 4. This only works for the 4th and 5th generation iPod touch. Download and extract p0sixspwn on your computer. This is the jailbreak program, and will need to be extracted from the ZIP file that it downloads in. Run p0sixspwn. If you are using Windows, right-click and select "Run as Administrator". If you are using Windows 8, right-click on the p0sixspwn file and select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab and opt to run the program in Windows 7 mode. You should see it detected in p0sixspwn. Start the jailbreak process. Click Jailbreak to start. Wait for the jailbreak process to complete.

Method 5. Download the jailbreak program. To jailbreak version 6. Evasi0n is currently the easiest and most pain-free way to jailbreak the newest versions of iOS. Do not pay for any jailbreak programs, as the software is freely available online directly from the developers. This is an untethered jailbreak. That means that once the jailbreak process is complete, your iPod will be permanently jailbroken, until you revert the process yourself or download an update from Apple that renders the jailbreak unusable.

For a Mac, you need OS X. Close any apps running on your iPod. Make sure that the iPod is showing your Home Screen and that it is still properly connected to your computer. You may lose data in apps that are running while you jailbreak, so be sure that you see the Home Screen before you start the jailbreak process.

Run the evasi0n software. The jailbreak process will take several minutes. Too many programs running on your computer can slow down the jailbreak process and corrupt the installation, forcing you to restart the process.

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Turning the power off during the jailbreaking process could render your phone inoperable. When prompted, run the Jailbreak app. This app will appear on the Home Screen of your iPod. Tap it and the jailbreak process will continue.

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Open Cydia. Once the iPod has finished the jailbreak process, an app called Cydia will appear on your home screen. Cydia will need to download some data before the jailbreak can be completed. Install third-party apps. Your iPod is now jailbroken. Be sure to re-enable any passwords and locks.

You can now install any third-party apps to your iPod. Method 6. Download Absinthe 2, a free jailbreak firmware program. Absinthe is one of the easiest to use programs for iOS 5. They also offer a 5. Connect your iPod to your computer and run the program.

Jailbreaking an iPod Touch 3rd Gen with iOS in : jailbreak

Your iPod will automatically begin the jailbreak process. Pay attention to any onscreen instructions that you may need to complete to get your iPod into DFU mode. The iPod will automatically reboot. Open the Loader app on your home screen. This will download and install Cydia. Cydia will be used to find and install apps that aren't normally permitted on Apple iPods. Reboot your iPod one more time. After this, your iPod is jailbroken and ready for use. Method 7. Go to the JailbreakMe website on your iPod.

You must access the site through your Safari browser, and not on your computer. The site will automatically detect whether your iPod is compatible with this method of jailbreaking.

Jailbreak me only works on iOS 4. Newer versions of iOS should use other methods in this guide. Select the "Slide to Jailbreak" button. Wait until your iPod downloads the application.

How To Jailbreak Your iPod Touch 3G [Firmware 5.1.1] (Untethered)

How long this takes depends on how fast your connection is; the process can take up to five minutes. Once you see that the app "Cydia" is installed on your iPod, your iPod has been jailbroken. It will appear as a pop-up.

Press OK. You will return to your home screen. Cydia will now be included alongside your other apps. Reboot your iPod. If you encounter any problems, a reboot should usually fix them. In the worst-case scenario, you can always restore your iPod and start the jailbreak process all over again. Will that happen with your method? It's impossible to update a jailbroken device. If it's not jailbroken, try putting the iPod into recovery mode. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3.