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If you have followed all steps and reach this point means you have followed all the steps correctly and your Calculator android app is up and running fine. I started working with wordpress back in while Googling How to make blog without Coding.

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Creating the project

AppCompatActivity ;. View ;.

Button ;. EditText ;. Button button0 , button1 , button2 , button3 , button4 , button5 , button6 ,. EditText crunchifyEditText ;.

Android: Simple Calculator

Other Popular Articles Try this simple fix We are nice…. The layout tag is what alerts the build system that this layout file intends to use data binding. The build system then generates a Binding class automatically for this layout file. At this point, switch to your MainActivity.

The calculator layout is a bit long. This is due to the fact that we have to explicitly define, and meticulously position, each of the buttons in the calculator.

Create Calculator in Android Programming

Our calculator has two values, valueOne and valueTwo. These values hold the numbers to be operated on. Both values are of type double, so they can hold numbers with and without decimals.

2.0 Java files structure

We set valueOne to the special Double value NaN not a number for reasons that will be clearer below. This simple calculator can only perform operations of either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Finally, we use the DecimalFormat class to format the output of our calculator.

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The decimal format constructor permits displaying up to ten decimal places. Whenever the user clicks a number or dot , we simply want to add that number to the editText. The code sample below shows how we accomplish this for number zero 0. Handling clicks on operators is a little different.

Simple Calculator in Android

We would like to perform any pending computations first. So we define a computeCalculation method.

Android calculator project

Within computeCalculation, if valueOne is a valid number, we read valueTwo from the editText, and perform the current queued operation. Buy now! Unfortunately, the forums have been discontinued.