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What it does erase are all your preferences, settings, and known WiFi networks. Once your iPhone or iPad reboots, your settings and preferences will be restored to default. I may be missing a few things in here but basically, just go through the Settings app and tap into each section and make sure you tweak any settings to match when you had before wiping them. Then let me know how it worked for you in the comments! Co-Founder of The App Factor, coffee drinker, world traveler, picture taker, and occasional shibe wrangler.

Instead of restoring again, I decided to try resetting all my settings While I guess it could have been a possibility that the issue was lurking somewhere in my iTunes or iCloud backups, I figured it was highly unlikely due to the way iCloud and iTunes backups work most stuff is installed new anyways in terms of apps, etc.

SOLVED: Replaced iPhone 5 battery now phone won't turn on - iPhone 5 - iFixit

Tap on General. Tap on Reset. Now choose Reset All Settings. Alert sounds for messages, mail, calls, etc and things like duplicate alerts or custom vibrations Rejoin previously known WiFi networks Alarms and timers will be deleted Location data will be reset Push Notifications and Notification Center defaults will be restored to stock All apps should now ask you to allow or deny permissions such as push notifications again I may be missing a few things in here but basically, just go through the Settings app and tap into each section and make sure you tweak any settings to match when you had before wiping them.

People experience different issues with iPhone batteries. It's quite natural for one to expect the iPhone battery to last forever; but like all digital equipment, the iPhone needs some maintenance.

A simple calibration, nevertheless, may resolve problems leading to shortened battery life. Apps are released all the time, and most are enticing enough to load on to iPhones. Some drain the battery more than others. As a general rule, it's better to train the iPhone to get back to peak condition by completing simple tasks. This article covers 2 parts for how to reset iPhone battery to keep it in good condition:. Activate the iPhone out of stupor with a warm reboot. There's no need to panic.

The battery just needs a push.

10 Tips to Reset iPhone Battery to Keep It in Good Condition

In technical terms, it needs to be calibrated for accuracy. The process is simple and can be done regularly every six months or so. Adopt the following calibration steps. Step 1. Charge the iPhone until the indicator shows full. Keep it in idle mode and ensure it's not used during the charging process look for the Apple icon on screen.

Step 2.

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The iPhone battery needs the exercise. Charge it to full capacity and then drain the battery until it goes dead before charging it again. Step 3. The iPhone is probably misaligned and must understand how to reach original levels. Drain the battery completely and recharge it at least twice for good results. With so many features available, the iPhone does lure people into enabling them all.

Most are neglected after a while. It's possible to turn off several features to improve battery life. Use Vibratory Mode When Needed: Click on Settings and Sound; if vibration is enabled, switch to off. The feature drains the battery to some extent and users are better off using manual mode.

Switch Off Unnecessary Animations: Establish correct balance by opting out of battery-draining parallax effects and animations.

iphone 5s dead, easy job this time

Enable Reduce Motion on function. Select a still photograph without animated effects. Animations carry loads of information the iPhone needs to activate them. Decrease Screen Brightness: It's a huge battery drainer. Adjust to individual needs. Choose the Auto-Brightness Off option. Set brightness manually to reach desired comfort levels. Opt For Manual Downloads: Updating apps or music does have a negative effect on battery life.