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Sometimes, you may unconsciously check your own Galaxy S5 if you are using the default notification tone. So, if you choose some other notification tones for your Galaxy S5, you can easily know whether you or someone else get an notification. You may not know you can easily customize Galaxy S5 ringtones and notification tones to make your Galaxy S5 more productive for you.

In your Galaxy S5, Samsung preinstalled a lot free ringtones for you. If you find the default one is not of your taste, you can always choose a new one at Settings—Sound—Ringtones. You can immediately use a new ringtone you like. You can easily know whether your Galaxy S5 rings when there are many default Samsung ringtones in the public area. Of Course, this Galaxy S5 ringtone customization is limited by the available ringtones pre-installed.

You can also use any music file in your S5 to customize the Galaxy S5 ringtones. You can set the music as:. Then you can follow Method 2 to use the music to customize Galaxy S5 ringtones and notification tones. If you want, you can also directly copy the music file to the Ringtones folder in the internal storage of your Galaxy S5. There are also some good ringtone apps in Play store. Normally, these apps will download the ringtones to your Galaxy S5. If you want to use some music as Galaxy S5 ringtone, but you cannot find the music file, you may try some ringtone apps.

Once you choose caller ringtone in your music app, this ringtone will be added to your Galaxy S5 and assigned to the contact you choose later. Go to Settings—Sound—Notifications, choose any available notification tones in the list to customize Galaxy S5 notification tone. For pre-installed Samsung apps, Samsung allows you to customize Galaxy S5 notification tones. The apps include:. You can customize the notification tones for these apps in Settings—Sound —Samsung apps section. You can do this easily. If you still have questions or encounter any problems when customizing Galaxy S5 ringtones and notification tones, please let us know in the comment box below.

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You need change such settings inside Twitter and facebook app. For Twitter, it is under Settings— General—Sound effects. Settings — Accounts — E-mail accounts — Notifications. Just found it myself. Drove me bonkers too! If you turn off Gmail notifications for all Gmail accounts on the phone , you can go to settings — application manager — Gmail, uncheck show notifications. If you want to turn off notification for a specific Gmail account, you can open Gmail app, tap the menu button 3 vertical dots on the top left , tap settings second from the bottom , tap the Gmail account, tap notification.

You can then turn the notification off for this Gmail account. I disabled notification in the Twitter App itself as suggested in the comment above. Tap the app, uncheck show notifications. Great tip, Simon. Thanks so much! Thanks again for your help. In each email account settings, you can turn off the vibration in the email app menu-settings-account settings — account, under notifications.

How do I set a custom tone for my text messages? No, you can only choose from the beginning or let S5 decide it will tel you the starting location, but you cannot change it as I know. Some apps allow you to choose the location. You can also use any audio editor to chop the mp3 file. I downloaded a ringtone from Verizon ringtones and I cannot customize when or where it starts. I am usually not able to get to the phone before it stops ringing and goes to voicemail.

Any ideas. When I try to set notification tones for individual contacts, it still plays the default notification tone when the individuals text me. How do I stop that? The notification tone only works for the messaging app, not Hangouts. Should I be using the Samsung messaging app to make it work? That happens for me too. The customized notification tones are for the messaging app only, not for Hangouts or any other third-party messaging apps. For Hangouts, you can only set one notification tone for all the setting is inside Hangout app.

So I have to use the Samsung Messages versus the Verizon Messages, in order to return to this feature? Such features only works on Samsung apps. Each app should have their own settings. It appears it can be done through editing the individual contact. I make all the selections and save the changes, but it just uses the sound that is set as the default. Anybody have success in this area? How did you do it? I was able to set up a custom sound for one alarm, but the next I created had galaxy default tone.

When they text me, though, the default sound still plays. The new one that shows as saved under their contact info does not. The notification tone is only for Samsung messaging app, not hangouts. Did you try to set messages as default sms app? Do you mean the voice announcing who is calling you?

If yes, you need turn off handsfree mode. You may also need check the Settings — Accessibility. Make sure talk back is turned off. It keeps telling me who is calling instead of playing the ringtone. Talkback and car mode both off. If you mean something else by hands-free tell me. I am using the standard application for my contacts and calls.

Check Settings—Language and input—Notification readout. Make sure you uncheck the 5 items. This is the last place you should check. The default vibrate is exceptionally weak even though I raised the intensity all the way. Am I missing something or is there an app that can help? Would also like to make 2 vibrates for incoming email and 3 for Texts; anyway to do that? The weak vibration can be a hardware calibration issue.

You can check with local Samsung service centre and they can adjust the intensity for you. Am I doing something wrong? Is it just a glitch? Very likely, you are using a customized ringtone. If this is the case, you can try to use a shorter music file. I used a shorter one and it still does it. In settings — sound, you can find settings for Samsung apps.

In messages, you can set both vibration and notification tones. The notification, by default, is triggered only once. If you need repeated notifications, you can set it in the messaging app. How do I turn off vibration for incoming emails? I have my Gmail synced to my phone and even though I have deselected the vibration option, everytime I get an incoming email, my phone vibrates. Each account needs to be disabled individually if you have more than one account. Check the label notifications for each account and turn them all off.

No, you cannot turn off that alert for individual contacts. But you can prepare an mp3 file with no sound, then apply this one for such contacts. My S5 keeps occasionally playing notification sound even when there is no new message or e-mail, how do i solve this? It could be due to some other apps. Did you notice whether there are any new icons in the status bar when the sound is played? My phone is doing the same thing and nothing appears before, during, or after in the notification bar.

I just makes the notification sound for no apparent reason. I still believe it is very likely due to some other apps. But again, most apps should leave a notification message. Normally, system apps gives text notification as well. I do have same problem, I am getting notification sound frequently without notified on status bar.

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I tried every thing to get rid of it. But not successful, please help me out. Same here. My new S5 just beeps for no reason that I can discern. I checked the notification messages, nothing there. Mine does the same thing, but I think I pinned it down to the WiFi. Some apps have their own notification tones. Did you check the notification setting for that app? I assigned a customiced ringtone for text messages and now cannot change it. It says it is something other than what actually plays. I even un installed both the ring tones cutter and the mp3 site where I downloaded the song.

I thought all those songs and ring tones I saved would no longer be on the phone. However, they are all still there and the message notification is still a song that is not denoted as being the default. I do not want this to be played anymore but it wi not go away!!! And is there a way to delete tones you created in a ringtone cutter app???

I under stand not being able to delete the preset ones that came on the phone bUT I cannot get rid of the ones I created…. My text and Facebook notification sound is the same. You can set notification tone for messages individually as mentioned in this guide at: Settings—Sound —Samsung apps section. How can i stop audible notifications for app updates,and download complete notifications. Thank you Steve. To disable update notifications, you can go to Play store app, tap menu key, then tap Settings.

For download, you need go to Settings—Application Manager, flick to All tab, then you can find Downloads. Tap it, then uncheck notifications. It is defaulting to my text notification tone. I would like to have two distinct alerts. Not sure about these two apps. You check the settings inside the app. If there are no settings for notification tones, it means they use system one.

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Then you cannot do much. The box is checked but grayed out. I have vibrations turned off everywhere I can possibly find a setting. Please help. I am having a couple issues with changing tones for contacts. I am using the Samsung messaging app not hangouts or the Verizon one. First I have tried to set up notification tones for contacts.

I changed several contact tones and only one of them are working. That contact has a number and email but the custom tone only works on the phone number and not the email when sent to my messages. In email app or gmail app, you can set notification tones for email notification. But you probably cannot assign different notification tones for individual email contacts. Is it possible to make a default setting in sound that allows me to have just the phone ring and everything else to remain silent without having to go through the individual settings, ie be able to switch between a night mode where only the phone rings then back to a normal mode during the day where all sounds are turned back on?

Hey how do I turn off the Computer voice that comes on instead of my ringtone? Lol I have no idea how I set it on there but plz plz help!! Did you turn on talk back? You need turn it off settings—accessibility—vision—talkback. If it is turned off, check Settings—Language and input—Notification readout. If you mean something else by hands-free please tell me. I too would like to be able to actually set the voice to only announce once at the beginning then let the ringtone do the rest of the work llike my motorola razr use to before I got this s5.

Also how can I fix the autocorrect on this thing? It cant tell a word from gibberush. My old motorola never had this issue and it had its smart setting thing that I wish this had. For the keyboard, the software also has a learning process. If you want you can disable auto correction. Of course, you can try other third party keyboards. SwiftKey works well after one of two weeks training.

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Google keyboard is also quite accurate. You like the old keyboard very likely because you get used to it. As for the keyboard, I know about the whole learning curve thing; however, I noticed that the autocorrect would suggest the correct correction but the phone doesnt apply the change. Also, is there anyway to change the sound that goes off when you lock or unlock your phone? I would prefer not to have the water sound.

Okay, I hope I make sense here. I have my text notifications set with a song from my music and if I do not open the text the song continues to play. I would like to press the power button or volume button to stop the ring. However, the S5 does not allow me to. Why do I have to open the text to get the ringtone to stop? This happens even with the stock S5 ringtones. Thank you. Any ideas?

I think so. Notifications are playing the correct ringtone. The notification for third party apps are controlled by individual apps. Did you check the contacts to confirm the notification tones are current? Sometimes, the settings may be reset for no reasons.

I have the same problem and have not found a solution for this. Another forum submitter suggested downloading the Ringo app. Is this a glitch with my phone or is there a setting I need to adjust to change the pattern? Are you using messaging app or hangouts? The settings in sound or Samsung applications are for messaging app only, not hangouts or other apps. I downloaded ringtones from playstore.

When I open the app and try to select a tone it plays but i can not hear it? What do I do? I am wondering if there is a way to turn off message and app notifications but keep the ringer on for night time. If so, how? You can uncheck block incoming calls but check block notifications. I have an s5 and the voice keeps saying incoming call instead of letting my ringtone play. I have tried everything listed in all of the comments above related to the issue but nothing works.

Any thoughts? I am attempting to change my phone ringtone to a song I have on my s5. I want to use the recommended part of the song they choose. Everytime I select this option it still plays the full song for the ringtone is there some step I am missing here? How do I set a custom voice recording as my notification tone?

The only options I get to choose from when wanting to change the sound are Zedge and the pre-recorded Samsung S5 sounds. You can find the voice recording file. Then follow the guide to copy the files to the ringtones folder. Once the music file is in the ringtones folder, it will be available for your selection as pre-installed ringtones. All my notifications are the same for text, email apps etc. Can you explain how I change it for each specific thing? Under settings I only have notifications when I change it there it changes it for everything! This is so frustrating, my s4 was not like this.


In the settings- sound page, if you scroll down, you can find Samsung apps. You need set individual notification tones there. Alternatively, in each app, for example, email or Gmail, you can set different notification tones for each account. When I get a text it never stops giving the notification tone until I open the text.

How can I stop this? If you want to disable all notifications from Facebook, go to settings — application manager — Facebook. Uncheck show notifications, accept the warning message. Does anyone know how or if I can get the alarm tones that are pre-installed on the S3 on to my S5? You need get the audio file usually a ogg file first. You should find the audio file there. Copy it to other locations and transfer it to S5. If you are not sure how to use ES File explorer, please check this guide: Can you set phone to automatically go to vibrate profile on certain days? Is there any way to determine which application is causing this?

As far as I know, I only have it turned on for instant messaging. It could be sms notifications, or notifications from other apps. Most apps will display a notification, but some may not. Just thought that I would let you know that I found a fix for the voice announcing who was calling instead of just playing the ringtone.

After following all of your instructions, I found the fix I was looking for:. Go to settings accessibility— scroll to answering and ending calls — click it and uncheck Voice Control. Just wanted to let you know to possibly help people more easily in the future.

Thank you for your help, however! Please help as this thing is very annoying. One last possible setting: Not sure about this. You may reboot the phone to see whether you can get it back. If not, you may backup your data and do a factory data reset. How do I make the notification sound for my gmail different that the one for text messages?

Inside Gmail app, you can set different notifications including ringtones for different accounts. How do I remove a notification tone set on a individual contact to have it on the default tone set for the specific app? The notification tone for individual contact is only for messages. Third party apps have their own settings. Different apps may work in different ways depending on the preference of the developer. Inside email app, tap menu key 3 vertical dots , tap the account.

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  • Then you can set notifications for this account, including vibrate. My s5 is only 2 weeks old. Every time I set my alarm, the alarm goes off at the correct time — but then auto turns off after 1 minute without going to snooze or repeating! It just turns the whole alarm itself off. Any idea please how to stop this recurring problem?. I guess this is the default setting. You may delete the alarm, then create a new one. When creating a new one, it will ask you whether you want to enable the snooze, and you can set the interval up to 30mins and repeated times up to 10 times.

    After I select one of the ones in the menu and hit add, it sends me to a page that ha tracks, albums, etc and only five songs and I can only hit done if I choose one of those 5. Otherwise, cancel and the ringtone remains default. Other apps can only access music files you added. I use long songs as notifications for email and voice message for when I am driving so that sooner or later I will here the song.

    Is there any way to set up the volume button to acknowledge and silence a notification without unlocking the phone. You can turn over face down the S5 to silence it immediately. I want to stop them. Only want notification sounds for text messages. Otherwise no notification sounds. How do I find out what is generating these annoying sounds? How do I stop them? When I was originally setting up the phone it gave me an option to get notifications repeated, and I believe I chose every 5 minutes.

    This function now means that if I get notifications througout the night the phone will continue to vibrate even when on silent which messes with my sleep app as it thinks the vibrations are me moving when awake. How do you set the S5 notification so that when your on the phone during a call the song notification will not play during phone call? Open Phone app, tap menu key 3 vertical dots , tap settings—call—call alerts. Un-check Notify during calls. When using facebook messenger whem someone messages me it only rings once or twice and then will never ring again unless I open it.

    I would like to know how I could create a different ring tone profile to De available silent. Is there a way to create a profile where De phone notifies me for emergency contacts and is silent for others. You can set default ringtone as silent, then set different ringtones for any specific contacts as illustrated in this guide. I guess the issue then would be that when I want the phone to ring it would be on silent. For instance, in the night I generally put the phone on a profile where my parents could call me and the phone would ring whilst for everyone else the phone remains silent.

    But I have another profile, used during the day where the phone rings no. Blocking mode is for this purpose. You can enable it so that only selected contacts can reach you. A brief guide on blocking mode can be found here: Is there a way to receive my texts with notifications and vibrations while having notifications from my apps appear with no vibration? Negative ghost rider only a way to turn off notifications completely. If I turn the notification vibration off then I get no vibration when I get text messages.

    It depends on the app. Some apps have their own settings of notification. For example, WhatsApp is settings of notification. Therefore you cannot customize it. Please explain why and how do we fix this? It looks like I have to change the sound associeted to the keypad. Can you help? I am the one confused the most. This phone is awful. How can we change that? I looked for driving mode, went through accessibility, settings etc but got nothing….

    How do I set a music file as a ringtone on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

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    Set a music file as a ringtone Click to Expand 1 From the home screen, choose Apps or swipe up to access your apps. Assign a personal ringtone to a contact Click to Expand To assign a personal ringtone to a contact on your mobile device: If you do not see this screen, go to step 4. You may need to tap the View more downward arrow before choosing Ringtone. How do I hide my number when making outgoing calls? How can I back up contacts from my Samsung Galaxy device to my Google account?

    Yes No. Thank you. Glad we were able to help. Your feedback helps us provide better support. Please answer all questions. Not finding what you're looking for? We're here to help. Twitter Tweet us 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Facebook Messenger We are here to chat 9am-9pm, 7 days a week. Email We'll respond within 24 hours of your request. Email Samsung Shop For new and existing orders. Track my repair Check the status of your repair with Samsung.

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