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Step 4: Step 5: Find the files you just created and add it to iTunes library. Step 6: Then there will be a Tones folder under the iTunes library.

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Connect iPhone to computer and sync it with iTunes. Step 7: Go to Settings on iPhone, tap Sounds, Ringtone to find the custom ring you just added. Click the song to make a custom ringtone on iPhone successfully. But sometime duplicate files can be made and redundant data can be accumulated on iPhone. We sincerely recommend you Tenorshare iCareFone , the most effective iPhone cleaning tool to clear out all the junk files, temporary files, large files, apps and Photos. We have shown you a clear guide to create ringtone for iPhone from iTunes library. Now just turn your favorite music episode into the ring on your iPhone with the simple steps above.

Easy Way to Make iPhone Ringtones with iTunes on Windows 10

When you use both, the timeline will resemble the following:. From here, you can use Clear Trim Points to remove the trim points and display the rest of the clip, or perform other operations. Fade In and Fade Out. If your right-click the clip, you can select Fade In and Fade Out commands from the context menu. You should only do this after you've edited the clip down the length you need, and then only if it will aid the sound quality.

For example, let's say you simply edit down a music file so that it is the first 39 seconds of the song.

How to convert iOS ringtones to use on Windows Phone 8/10

You won't typically want to use Fade In on this file, but you may want to use Fade Out. Playback controls. Once you've edited the file sufficiently, you can save the Project File, Save Project and then export the audio file. You do this by selecting File, Save Movie File. I realize that's not logical, but if you are only working with audio, WMM 2.

Get Free Ringtones (Free) - Microsoft Store

Enter a filename and choose a place to save your file. I recommend creating a folder inside of the Music library called Ringtones or similar, but obviously you can organize these ringtones however you wish. Just be sure you can find the file later. Click Next again. The option "Best quality for playback on my computer recommended " will be auto-selected. This is usually what you want, so click Next again.

Click Finish when it completes. If you are hitting the 39 second limit, you may want to just ensure that the file meets the other requirements. So find it in the file system, right-click it and choose Properties, and make sure it's less than 1 MB in size. If it's not, you can re-export the file from WMM 2. Repeat until it's under 1 MB. Now you need to sync the file with your phone. To do that, you need to use the Zune PC software.

Launch Zune. If you saved the ringtone to a folder that's monitored by Zune, it will already be in your collection somewhere. Otherwise, you simply drag it into the Zune window. To locate the file, search for the file name. In my case, "Jump," with no quotes. It will appear in the From Your Collection pane.

Right-click the ringtone in the right pane and select Edit to display the Edit Song Info dialog. Here, you can edit a number of properties--the WMM export function unfortunately strips away a lot of the meta data--but the important one, of course, is Genre. You must change this to Ringtone. To do so, select the Genre box and type "Ringtone" no quotes. Then hit Enter to close the dialog. To sync the ringtone to your phone, right-click the filename in the right pane and choose Sync with [phone name]. If you are already syncing your entire library to the phone, this isn't necessary, but to make sure it synced, go to the phone view and choose Start Sync.

Tap the Ringtone box and you will see custom ringtones will appear on the top, in the "Custom" section. To make the new custom ringtone your general ringtone, simply select it. Or, tap the Play button next to the ringtone to hear it on the phone. You don't have to use the same ringtone for everyone, of course. One of the neat things about custom ringtones is that you can use a different ringtone for different users.

To do so, navigate to the People hub Start, People , find the contact you'd like to edit, and then tap the Edit button in the command bar.

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In the Edit Contact screen that appears, scroll down and tap Ringtone. Then, select the custom ringtone from the list.

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Custom ringtones are a neat, if somewhat abused, feature, and I'm glad to see Windows Phone jumping on board and finally offering this functionality. Some kind of integrated ringtone editing functionality would be nice, and a centralized ringtone store in Zune Marketplace would be even better. But at least it's possible to make and sync custom ringtones, and if you've struggled with getting this work, as many readers have, hopefully this guide can help. Hide comments.